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Ann Round

Ann English

Visual Communicator, Creator & Clarity Coach

TEDx Speaker & Author of

‘The Clarity Quest’

“ Everything starts with an idea… and an idea can change everything…. Your idea can change the world ”

Get ideas out of your head, make them a reality and live your dreams…

Take a look inside The Clarity Quest IDEASBOOK guided journal to breathe life into your valuable ideas. Don’t let your dreams die inside of you or your valuable ideas drift away. This 2-in-1 journal and interactive workbook is designed as a safe harbour for your thoughts, hopes, vision and dreams. Developed from Ann’s TEDx Talk you will discover how to connect the dots between what you have done… where you are now… and who you can become.

The Clarity Quest LIVE is a 10-week global online group coaching programme. Designed to clarify your vision, mission, purpose, passion and unique superpowers. Ann guides you through the proven Roadmap on how to turn ideas into action to realise your dreams. Learn powerful ways you can navigate roadblocks as you take impactful action towards transforming your life and business into the success story you desire.

Immerse yourself in The Clarity Quest EXPERIENCE: Daydream & Doodle Day with Ann as she takes an exclusive in-person group through Waypoint 1 of The Clarity Quest IdeasBook. She will teach you her VisualDoodle technique, then you’ll create your own Superpower Self and make your personalised Treasure Map. Even if you think you can’t draw, with your magic pen and a sprinkling of Pixie Dust, prepare to be surprised by the results

Present, promote and profit from your Ideas, Stories and Brand with…


The value and power of your ideas rests in your ability to capture, nurture and bring them to life. A phenomenal idea which remains in your mind is worth nothing. Stop your ideas from dying too soon with VisionMapping™ coaching. With Ann as your coach you’ll gain the clarity, focus and direction you need to navigate roadblocks so you can take impactful action to launch or grow your business.

Square VisionMap

Your unique stories, journeys and insights are fundamental to how people get to know, like and trust you. Be seen as an innovative business, trailblazing specialist, or world-class thought leader by commissioning a bespoke VisualDoodle™ Communicate what you say in a visually accessible way by using VisualDoodle™ images, roadmaps and time-lapse promo videos.

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Learn how to create intrigue, attract the attention of your target audience, and increase sales by applying Visual Marketing™ principles, both in person and online. Discover secret strategies big brands use to present products and showcase services. Stand out, elevate your brand and gain a competitive edge when you know how to use these cost effective ways to inspire customers to stop and buy.

Square Viual Mrketing Academy

Book an online power-hour session with Ann to help move you and your business forward, faster, and with clarity…

Ask Ann Anything is a 60 minute solution-focused diagnostic session. This impactful 1:1 Power-Hour consultation is focused on whatever you need specific help with and takes place online via Zoom.

Imagining we are sitting in a virtual coffee shop and having a chat about your business and personal development goals… this is your opportunity to ‘pick my brains’ and access decades of experience, insight and knowledge so you can go further, faster, and with clarity.

Discover the benefits clients have experienced by working with Ann…


Everything starts with an idea, where will you start?…

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