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I’m super-impressed with Ann’s ability, acumen and overall attitude to producing exceptional work. Thank you for your help… Michael Owen”

Michael Owen, Founder and MD of luxury British clothing brand Always Wear Red was looking to fully understand his vision and gain clarity before moving his established business into a new stage of development. 

The #IdeasMapping exercise was a detailed stocktake which helped Michael to review his current business situation and whether he had what was needed to move towards his new goals quickly and effectively.

Michael believes confidence can be created. And for the confident – anything is possible. This is what the Always Wear Red brand stands for, it is why it exists. Michael is a visionary and innovative; when he has an idea he tends to push it as far as he can, with unexpected and brilliant results!

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL by Michael Owen, Always Wear Red

Some businesses don’t plan or set a vision. That’s never good. Other businesses set clear and measurable goals and that’s much better of course. But what about the task of fully understanding where you are now, and unpicking how you got here – before you set off on your seductive new journey?

For me, that’s what the #IdeasMapping Masterclass was for. A detailed stocktake of my current situation and, most importantly, whether I was ready and prepared to work towards my new goals quickly and effectively:

  • Do I have the right team?
  • Is my pricing right?
  • Do I understand the competition? 
  • Which of my skills and experiences are most valuable in this next phase? 
  • Have I segmented my customers properly and are the ways I propose to target them clear and correct?
Michael Owen, Founder & MD, Always Wear Red

Michael Owen, Founder & MD, Always Wear Red

There was a lot more to consider too and this is definitely something that requires facilitation. You can’t do it yourself. You forget things, lose track of what is important and can’t prioritise properly.

An external eye really helps, Ann is a great listener, with great attention to detail.

And the other reason for asking for help in this area is because maybe everything that got you ‘here’ will not get you ‘there’. Ann helped me to think about my overall approach to doing business.

Always Wear Red #IdeasMap

Always Wear Red #IdeasMap

If you want to be at your most clear-thinking, confident and efficient, in readiness for chasing your dream, an #IdeasMapping Masterclass with Ann will move you further away from ‘no chance’ and much, much closer to ‘best chance’.

Michael Owen, Founder & MD

Always Wear Red 

I’ve enjoyed being part of Michael’s journey and feel privileged to have continued working with him as he builds the Always Wear Red brand and launches innovative new products. Discover more about Always Wear Red here >

Here is a peek behind the scenes at the inspirational AWR ‘Generation & Gender’ Lookbook photo shoot…

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