How to transform your ideas into reality

Wherever you are on your business journey, from startup to established company, transform your ideas into reality by harnessing the power of #IdeasMapping™…” 

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I bring over 25 years experience of enabling people to transform ideas into reality; from inventing the Metrognomes, to building start-up businesses and winning contracts worth over £1million. I solve problems and deliver results by harnessing the power of #IdeasMapping™

How can Ideas Mapping help you?

I’ve developed a process and invented the #IdeasMapping™ Programme based on 3 decades of experience to assist business owners, whatever the size of their business and wherever they are on their journey from startup to established company, to transform their ideas into reality, overcome roadblocks and reach their goals.

    • Do you ever feel overwhelmed thinking about how to developing your business?
    • Do you have so many ideas you don’t know where to start or what to focus on?
  • Do you ever wonder what your business looks like from a customer’s perspective?

During the #IdeasMapping Programme I facilitate your thinking by asking questions to stimulate further ideas and come up with creative solutions. I will guide you through exactly what is needed to gain clarity, turn your ideas into reality and grow your business.

The #IdeasMapping Programme will help you to:

      • Discover your passion, vision and purpose
      • Develop your ideas and gain clarity to make informed choices
    • Do what is required to take strategic, planned and focused action

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Why does Ideas Mapping work? 

Having an entrepreneurial spirit means you often have so many ideas floating round in your head it is hard to know where to focus first.

#IdeasMapping is proven to be a highly effective way to captures your thoughts, gather information and organise it in a useful way. It shows you the bigger picture without loosing sight of the detail.

Through #IdeasMapping you can foster your creativity, find links to ideas and logic, and unlock your potential using whole-brain thinking. It encourages critical thinking and problem solving.

A personal or business #IdeasMap is a fantastic tool for reflective thinking to plan and organise what to do next and how to grow your business. The process triggers ‘Aha’ or lightbulb moment when a sudden insight, inspiration or a new perspective pops into your mind to spark a brilliant, unexpected solution.

How can Ideas Mapping solve problems?

Why is it that most of us do not think of going outside the box to solve a problem?

#IdeasMapping pushes the boundaries, because when you venture outside the box this is where the magic happens. You find new ways of looking at the problem and come up with alternative solutions.

To successfully run a business you need to push beyond the boundaries to solve problems and see things for a potential customer or new client’s perspective.

Can you prove Ideas Mapping works? 

Yes. I’ve worked with numerous clients, enabling them to transform their ideas into reality with phenomenal results. Take a peek at some of their Client Stories and testimonials:

How do I find out more

Book a free 30mins call here to discuss your vision and discover how I can enable you to achieve it by harnessing the power of #IdeasMapping

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