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In your LIVE VisualDoodle – we capture a story live as it is being told

Look carefully at LIVE VisualDoodles™, see the dot near the central impact bubble, follow the dotted line to retrace the speaker’s journey or map out the business solutions as they shared their story, knowledge and wisdom. 

“Everything starts with an idea, and an idea can change everything.
I stop ideas from dying by capturing them in a VisualDoodle™…”

– Ann English, Create Intrigue

After creating the LIVE VisualDoodles™ I invite attendees to print it off or use as a screensaver, to act as a visual reminder to take daily action towards achieving their vision. With the option to personalise it by colouring it in as a mindfulness exercise and to reinforce learning. 

LIVE VisualDoodle Examples

LIVE VisualDoodle™ of the #WorldSummit2020 by thought leader Tony Robbins

LIVE VisualDoodle Testimonials

“I was fortunate to speak at an online event where Ann was providing her skills as a professional Visual Communicator. She captured the essence, message and most important the energy of my entire 45-minute keynote on one side of A4 as a VisualDoodle.

This takes ‘mind-mapping’ to a whole new level. For anybody who is organising an online event, whether it’s physical or virtual, having Ann in the room will ensure your delegates take away something unique and useful to remember the key points of your event by.”

  • 100% private one-to-one call remotely via Zoom at a time which suits you
  • ✓ You will need to complete some pre-appointment questions and post-appointment questions via SurveyMonkey.
  • ✓ Your VisualDoodle™ LIVE image will be drawn live and provided afterwards, sent digitally as a .jpeg and .pdf file for you to download, use as a screensaver or print off.
  • You will also have the option to purchase a signed A3 or A2 Print or Canvas of your original VisualDoodle, shipped anywhere in the world.

To book a LIVE VisualDoodle™ for your event, we’ll start by having a discovery call.