The Pen Shop – Design, Display & Visual Merchandising

The Pen Shop - Design, Display & Visual Merchandising

I was approached by The Pen Shop, Europe’s largest luxury pen and gifts specialist, to provide design and display advice and hands-on visual merchandising services for their 20 retail outlets across the UK.

To enhance The Pen Shop brand identity and seasonal marketing campaign I re-designed the Christmas decoration scheme for each of their 20 stores and concessions. I sourced, purchased, assembled and distributed seasonal props for all of their window and interior displays nationwide. As a cost effective solution I refurbished existing decorations where appropriate, bringing them up to date with a new style and colour scheme. For the premium locations and flagship store I designed and manufactured bespoke decorations to suit the luxury brand and locations.

Liaising with the Store Managers I provided hands-on support, visiting the retail outlets across the UK to install the window displays and rework the interior layouts in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

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