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It’s always exciting to work with Polly at Adventurous Coaching turning ideas into reality during an important growth period in the business…”

Polly (Pauline Brennan) is a certified Life Coach. Her company Adventurous Coaching helps people to focus on getting out of life what is important to them. Polly has an amazing talent of inspiring people and supporting them to develop the tools they need to live the life they’ve dreamed of.

Working with Adventurous Coaching on an ongoing freelance consultancy basis, I provide guidance on brand development, social media marketing and hands-on business growth support to help Polly turn her ideas into reality.

Polly initially engaged my services to provide a personalised 1:1 Brand Development Masterclass training, with a focus on how to evolve and grow the business. At that point Polly had a great company logo, but didn’t have any professional-looking documents to reflected the brand or communicated the message. My first priority was to produce a set of essential business document templates including a letterhead, invoice and contract, along with providing training on how to use.

Since then, I’ve produced a range of digital documents to support the ‘Time to Thrive’ workshop courses. This included templates for slide presentations, workbooks, certificates and pocket guides. These digital branded documents have built credibility and transformed Adventure Coaching. Enabling Polly to effectively communicate her vision with prospects and clients in a professional way.

It’s always exciting to work on new projects with Polly and turn her adventurous ideas into reality! Recently I’ve helped Polly launch the inspiring #AdventureSeries featuring interviews with some amazing people. Every month is focused on a different person as they share their stories and tips on how to live life’s adventure.

If you’d like to have more, do more and be more I’d recommend you check out Polly’s #AdventureSeries here.

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Having utilised the digital document design services of Ann English, I now feel ready to take my business and my brand forward with confidence and clarity.

I recognised the need to seek expert guidance and consultancy to develop the tools and language to communicate with prospective and active clients in a more effective and professional manner.

Ann utilised her diverse skills and expertise to help my business in a number of ways. I now have a suite of professional business documents and templates, including contracts, letterheads and invoice, which are of a high specification. The documentation reflects my branding, my business values and communicates clearly what I offer.

Ann continues to work with me to help me to develop the skills to build my online social media strategy. I now feel able to take my Adventurous Coaching business to the next level and move into a more corporate arena with pride, confidence and clarity.”

Polly Brennan, Certified Professional Life Coach – Adventurous Coaching


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