How to deliver stand out marketing

To stand out from the crowd you must deliver your marketing message in a way that will attract the attention of your target audiences…”

My focus is to help you to connect, establish and build relationships. I will explore ideas with you to come up with creative solutions that are both innovative and cost-effective.

Working as a freelance creative consultant and business coach, I’m in the unique position of being able to looking into your business. From the outside I can see the issues from a different perspective.  This enables me to come up with fresh ideas which are intriguing, unexpected or unconventional. However it is these stand out ideas that can have the desired effect. They capture the imagination and deliver results.

Paul Windle Design - Marketing, Design, Advent Calendar Gift

Paul Windle Design – Marketing, Design, Advent Calendar Gift


Countdown to Christmas Campaign

An example of how to stand out from the crowd and deliver a marketing message in a way that will attract the attention of  the target audience is Paul Windle Design’s Countdown to Christmas campaign. Paul Windle is a creative art studio based in the North East who offer outsourced illustration services to clients around the world including Disney, LEGO and Warner Bros. 

Prior to my involvement Paul Windle Design sent out boxes of chocolates to clients and potential prospects as a festive treat. These were beautifully gift wrapped with a printed branded message paper sleeve. Although the chocolates were gratefully received, they were quickly eaten and the company message ended up in the bin.

The challenge was to come up with a thoughtful gift idea within the same budget that would be well received, create a lasting impression and keep Paul Windle Design top-of-minds with clients, partners and prospects.

My solution was to create a Countdown to Christmas marketing campaign and produce bespoke chocolate advent calendars. This solution had many added value benefits:

  • The printed box featured an illustration of the team at Paul Windle, produced by one of the talented artists, demonstrating the company’s creative skills.
  • This unique bespoke gift cost the same as the generic box of chocolates.
  • The size and weight made it more cost-effective and easier to send out to global clients than a box of chocolates.
  • A teaser email Countdown to Christmas marketing campaign was sent out in advance to raise brand awareness and generate anticipation.
  • Clients were very excited to receive their chocolate advent calendars which stayed on their desks for the month of December. Keeping Paul Windle Design top-of-mind.
  • The chocolate advent calendars created a buzz in the office and attracted the interest of colleagues, helping to raise brand awareness.
  • The gift gave the recipients something to look forward to on the Monday morning i.e. 2 extra chocolates!

The resulting campaign was a great success. The feedback from clients, suppliers and potential customers was amazing. Everyone loved their chocolate advent gifts!

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