How to attract customers and increase sales

When your brand, products and services are presented in a way that is visually appealing to the eye it will attract customers and increase sales…”

The Art of Visual Merchandising Academy

Great design and display can motivate people to make a purchase. When items are merchandise correctly they capture the attention of people who would otherwise pass straight by.  

Visual Merchandising is a critical element in your marketing strategy, it is the thing that inspires people to stop and buy.

I can show you how to attract customers and increase sales by applying the art of Visual Merchandising to present your brand, products and services in the most effective way.

 Ann English is quite simple the Mary Portas of the North!…” – Corinne Lewis-Ward, Powder Butterfly 


These ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos show how I was able to transform the displays by applying the art of Visual Merchandising…

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Visual Merchandising is a form of aesthetic science. It is a silent sales technique that attracts attention and generates sales…”

Research carried out into what is visually appealing and insights into why people buy has resulted in the formation of  VM rules and principles. This ‘best practice’ needs to be followed in order to generate maximum interest.

The same VM rules and principles can be applied to all products, displayed in any situation.

In retail environments, VM includes the shop windows, interior displays, merchandising of the stock, promotional signs and graphics.

VM also relates to objects displayed in pop-up shops, on stall holder’s tables at markets, on exhibition stands at trade fairs, and in photographs used on websites, for e-commerce and on social media. These are all in effect substitute ‘shop windows’.

If you’d like to merchandise your brand, products and services effectively, I offer a range of services and training packages designed to suit your needs, level of skill, and budget…

VISUAL MERCHANDISING | Services and Training Packages

1:1 Visual Merchandising Masterclass

See Case Study: Powder Butterfly

Personalised 1:1 Visual Merchandising consultation and demonstration using your products and display.

I will show you how to rearrange your stall holder table or trade show stand to gain maximum effect:

  • 3 hour personalised 1:1 Visual Merchandising session.
  • Consultation focusing on your brand, products, services and target audiences.
  • Review of your current display set up  – with explanations on what works and what doesn’t, and how to improve the visual impact.
  • Visual Merchandising demonstration and training – how to apply the principles of VM and re-arrange your display to make it more visually appealing, to attract customers and increase sales.

Visual Merchandising Health Check 

The Visual Merchandising Health Check is an online service which has been designed as a cost-effective way to help you improve your competitive advantage by assessing the strength of the way you present your brand, products and services.

You will receive a tailored report with personalised feedback on your display and recommended areas for improvement which will be simple and easy to change.

  • Online service, done remotely by email.
  • Send up to 5 digital photographs of your existing display.
  • I will review the images, analyse the impact of your display content and layout, and focus on areas of weakness.
  • You will receive a ‘Visual Merchandising Ideas Book’ in digital form. This will focus on your business with my top 10 tips, suggestions and recommendations on how you can improve your display and develop your brand.

Retail Visual Merchandising Services

See Case Study: The Pen Shop

Full range of Visual Merchandising, design and display solutions for shops and retail chains.

  • Bespoke package tailored to your business needs.
  • Choose the level of service and input you require.
  • This can include creative design, store layout planning, sourcing, purchasing and packaging of display items, redress and refurbishment of Christmas decorations, logistics, co-ordination and installation of the display.

Visual Merchandising Presentations and Workshops

Group keynote talk on ‘An Introduction to The Art of Visual Merchandising: How to Attract Customers and Increase Sales’.

During these insightful presentation talks and workshops I will:

  • Demonstrate the 5 principles of Visual Merchandising and Display.
  • Explain 3 simple ways to attract customers and increase sales.
  • Before and after photographs and case study examples
  • Q&A session to answer specific questions 

During the hands-on interactive Art of Visual Merchandising workshop you will learn how to display your brand, products and services in a way that will create an impact to attract the attention of customers and increase sales.

The workshop is perfect for anyone who has products to display…

  • Designer-Makers
  • Independent Retailers
  • Artisan Food Producers
  • MLM Business Owners
  • Marketing and Events Specialists



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