Client Story – The Body Shop

Services provided: Visual Merchandising

I began my creative career with an amazing job designing the window displays for The Body Shop…”

In the late 80’s Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, was leading the way in natural ethical cosmetic products and transforming the retail experience. After graduating I joined Eldon Associates, and was given the wonderful opportunity to produce the visual merchandising for all the window displays across the North East franchises.

Working in collaboration with The Body Shop Area Manager and Store Managers, I was responsible for the design, production and installation of the window displays. Changing them regularly to reflect The Body Shop’s brand values, product promotions and seasonal events.

At the time The Body Shop Book was a great source of inspiration. It contained hair and skincare information along with facts about the natural products and formulations. I used this to research the concepts to come up with a sketch ideas for the displays.

In the design studio we had a replica shop window built. Within it I would sample the designs for approval by The Body Shop Head Office, Master Franchisee and Regional Manager before installation in store.

I loved playing about with the display designs, contents and layouts to gain maximum impact.

This is where I developed my knowledge and experience of visual merchandising techniques. Moving objects around I was able to refine my skills and see the notable improvements made by creating focal points, using pyramids, and harnessing the power of three to attract attention. T

Once approved, I created the display materials, graphics and props, along with the sourcing, purchasing and packaging each display set. I also put together a VM pack per store, containing photos and a plan-a-gram layout instruction to re-create the displays in each branch.

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The window displays were very successful and led to increased sales, particularly for the products featured in them. Slow sellers became best sellers – that’s the power of visual merchandising!”

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