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Get ideas out of your head. Make them a reality. Go and live your dreams…

The Clarity Quest™ Collective

 Transformative immersive experiences for Founders, Coaches, and Creative Entrepreneurs. Gain clarity, focus and direction for personal development and business growth.

The Clarity Quest Roadmap VisualDoodle

Let’s equip you with the proven Roadmap to navigate roadblock on your Quest to showcase your superpower and realise your dreams… 

Ann English, TEDx Speaker and Author of The Clarity Quest will be your personal guide as you dive deep to connect the dots between what you have done… where you are now… and who you can become!

Watch Ann’s TEDx Talk ‘The Clarity Quest: Imagine a world without BUT…’ as she takes you on a journey of self-discovery to transform your life, and business. 

Connecting you with your creativity and unlocking your childlike curiosity to showcase your superpower. 

How to breathe life into their valuable ideas and navigate roadblocks along the way. 

Ann created a series of VisualDoodles™ to communicate complex ideas with clarity, which are revealed as she takes you through the Quest.

 Everything come together to reveal the Roadmap at the end.This visual summary is a gift for you, the audience. This was filmed during lockdown restrictions so at the time there wasn’t one.

If this TEDx Talk resonates with you then book a 1:1 Clarity Call with Ann to discuss other ways you can experience the Quest. 

Look inside The Clarity Quest IdeasBook guided journal to breathe life into your valuable ideas.

 Don’t let your dreams die inside of you or your valuable ideas drift away. Get them out of your head and onto paper as you co-write this book.

  Turn intangible ideas, into tangible goals, vision and dreams.

This 2-in-1 journal and interactive workbook is designed as a safe harbour for your thoughts, hopes, vision and dreams. 

You are guided through 10 Waypoints on your quest to gain clarity, focus and direction to live your dreams.

Developed from Ann’s TEDx Talk you will discover how to connect the dots between what you have done… where you are now… and who you can become.

Join The Clarity Quest 10-week online coaching programme from anywhere in the world and connect to a trailblazing tribe.

Designed to clarify your vision, mission, passion, purpose and unique superpower. 

Ann guides you through the proven Roadmap on how to turn ideas into action to realise your dreams. 

Learn powerful ways you can navigate roadblocks as you take impactful action towards transforming your life and business into the success story you desire.

Immerse yourself in The Clarity Quest EXPERIENCE. 

Daydream & Doodle Day is an immersive experience as Ann takes an exclusive in-person group through Waypoint 1 of The Clarity Quest IdeasBook. 

Learn VisualDoodle technique so you can create your own Superpower Self and make your personalised Treasure Map. 

Even if you think you can’t draw, with your magic pen and sprinkling of Pixie Dust, you’ll be surprised by the results!

What is The Clarity Quest?

The Clarity Quest is designed to clarify your vision, mission, passion, purpose and unique superpower. Learn ways you can overcome negative self-talk and navigate roadblocks along the way as you take impactful action towards transforming your life and business into the success story you desire.

Is this you right now?

 Hoping something will change soon… but not sure how?

 In a spiral of negative thinking… and are having self-doubts?

 Feel like there is definitely more to life… but you can’t find it?

✓  Lost your way in life… and can’t seem to see your next steps?

✓  At a crossroads in your business… and not sure what’s next?

Are you wondering what to do?

Do you think gaining CLARITY in your life might help you overcome these feelings of being lost, stuck, or unsure?

Come join our Trailblazing Tribe of founders, coaches and creative entrepreneurs who once felt just like you. Since doing the Quest they have found clarity to move forward with passion, purpose and direction.

Ann’s mission is to help you:

 Uncover your secret superpower

✓  Communicate your vision and values

✓  Map out the steps to realise your dreams

 Navigate the roadblocks holding you back 

 See the big picture without losing sight of the details

 Discover your WHY and renew your sense of purpose

✓  Feel confident, inspired and driven to act on your ideas

 Overcome feelings of being lost, stuck or overwhelmed

 Feel empowered to move your business to the next level

Ann English

It’s time to step into the spotlight and shine. Discover how to showcase your Superpower today!

The Trailblazing Tribe transformations…

Sarah Seed Profile Image

Sarah Seed

Self Discovery Coach & Writer

“The Clarity Quest helped reignite some of my deepest dreams and helped me connect the dots to what I’m here to do and why it’s important to me”

Lesley Renwick Profile Image

Lesley Renwick

Educator & Entrepreneur

“It has been an inspiring, emotional, soul searching journey that finally helped me work out who I am and what I want to do to help others”

Catherine Tuckwell Profile image

Catherine Tuckwell

Brand Photographer

“I was able to join the dots, rediscover what I loved to do, and felt more comfortable about opening up as to what and who played a big part in my creative development. Ann has helped me by creating a roadmap of goals and dreams, opened up new ways for me to find out where my skills are and how to put them to use in my personal and professional life”

Noriko Mtsubara Profile Image

Noriko Matsubara

Artist & Author

“I’ve become more clear about who I am, and what I love. If you want to know your deepest desires and dreams and want to have a roadmap to achieve them, I highly recommend The Clarity Quest. The journey I have been on has been epic!”

Lauren McWilliams Profile image

Lauren McWilliams

Photographer & Visibility Coach

“My experience of The Clarity Quest has been nothing more than incredible! I’ve learned so much about myself, my business and have a good plan of where to go next. Highly recommend this fantastic programme to anyone who needs some clarity and a helping hand in mapping out their ideas, goals and dreams to ensure they happen”

An Invitation to You…

Overcome the negative self-talk which stands between you and your dreams because…

The value of your ideas rests in your ability to capture, nurture and bring them to life. 

 A phenomenal idea which remains in your mind is worth nothing.

 Your mind should be a place for generating ideas, not storing them.

 Your next level of self-development, abundance and income lives on the other side of your biggest fears.

✓  Equipped with the roadmap and tools to navigate roadblocks you can gain clarity, focus and direction to take impactful action to make your​ ideas a reality. 

Interested in experiencing The Clarity Quest?

✓  Book a 1:1 Clarity Call with Ann to discuss how we can best work together to solve the challenges you are facing.

Ann English