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The Clarity Quest

Award-winning coaching programme for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Creatives seeking transformative clarity, focus and direction for personal and business growth.

The proven Roadmap on how to breathe life into your valuable ideas and navigate roadblock to realise your dreams… 

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 The Clarity Quest™ is a transformative 10-week online coaching programme. Designed to clarify your vision, mission, passion, purpose and unique superpowers. Learn ways you can overcome negative self-talk and navigate roadblocks along the way as you take impactful action towards transforming your life and business into the success story you desire.

Ann English, TEDx Speaker and Author of The Clarity Quest IdeasBook will be your guide as you dive deep to connect the dots between what you have done… where you are now… and who you can become!

Award-winning programme based on The Clarity Quest TEDx Talk and IdeasBook 

The Clarity Quest 10-week coaching programme takes place globally online via Zoom, with a dedicated Trailblazing Tribe community and supportive private group.

Specifically for trailblazing entrepreneurs, coaches, and creatives who feel the need to blaze new trails through their business and their life. Ann guides you on a journey of self-discovery which equips you with the tools to map out the path towards achieving your BIG ideas.

Connect with your creativity by unlocking your childlike curiosity to showcase your superpower. Clarify your why, the impact you bring to the world, and the people who you want to connect with along your journey.

WATCH NOW – If this resonates with you, then The Clarity Quest programme will appeal to you too!

Book a 1:1 Clarity Call and Ann will show you personally how this applies to your life and business.

The Clarity Quest IdeasBook

IdeasBook is a 2-in-1 guided journal which becomes your workbook for the programme. Each week you will dive deep into the coaching activities and use the VisualDoodle Frameworks within IdeasBook as a place to write down and capture your ideas, hopes and dreams. Included in the price of the programme is The Clarity Quest IdeasBook which will be delivered to you via Amazon. 

IdeasBook is so much more than a workbook…

Get to know Ann English, your coach and guide…

Every week during The Clarity Quest Ann will share:

  • Secret strategies
  • Actions you can take to move forwards
  • Framework activities on your journey to self-discovery
  • Tools to overcome negative self-talk and navigate roadblocks  

You’ll uncover the clues, often hidden in plain sight, to gain crystal clear clarity, focus and direction. Enabling you take the impactful actions you need to nurture, develop, and implement your valuable ideas. 

Ann English


Graduate Success Stories…

Is this you right now?

 Hoping something will change soon… but not sure how?

 In a spiral of negative thinking… and are having self-doubts?

 Feel like there is definitely more to life… but you can’t find it?

✓  Lost your way in life… and can’t seem to see your next steps?

✓  At a crossroads in your business… and not sure what’s next?

Are you wondering what to do?

Do you think gaining CLARITY in your life might help you overcome these feelings of being lost, stuck, or unsure?

Come join our Trailblazing Tribe of founders, coaches and creatives who once felt just like you. Since doing the Quest they have found clarity to move forward with passion, purpose and direction.

Ann’s mission is to help you:

 Uncover your secret superpower

✓  Communicate your vision and values

✓  Map out the steps to realise your dreams

 Navigate the roadblocks holding you back 

 See the big picture without losing sight of the details

 Discover your WHY and renew your sense of purpose

✓  Feel confident, inspired and driven to act on your ideas

 Overcome feelings of being lost, stuck or overwhelmed

 Feel empowered to move your business to the next level

Ann English

It’s time to step into the spotlight and shine. Discover how to showcase your Superpower!

What you get on The Quest Quest LIVE…

During The Clarity Quest™ LIVE online 10-week group coaching program you’ll be guided from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and unclear; to gain clarity, focus and direction to take impactful action and bring your valuable ideas to life.

Ann Group Coach New

Online Transformational Coaching Programme

10-week online transformational coaching programme, accessible from anywhere in the world. Gift yourself just one impactful hour every week to focus on your next level of success, abundance and self-development. Your coach, Ann English, will guide you step-by-step through The Clarity Quest™ developed from her TEDx Talk. 

Ann English

The Clarity Quest IdeasBook™

Your very own Clarity Quest IdeasBook™ will be sent to you to use as the workbook as Ann guides you through the thought-provoking activities during the sessions. Innovative VisualDoodle™ frameworks provide inspiration and a place to capture your ideas, thoughts and moments of clarity. Presented in black and white for you to personalise, and colour-in as an additional mindful activity.

Ann English

#AskAnn Q&A Opportunities

Access to #AskAnn online anytime you have a specific question, query or little niggle that may be stopping you moving forward. Post your questions directly to Ann in the private group and she will get back to you personally. In addition, each live masterclass coaching session provides yet another opportunity for you to ask any questions that spring to mind.

Trailblazers: Clarity Quest September 2022 Graduation

The Trailblazing Tribe Private Community

Membership of The Trailblazing Tribe private online community. Unlock additional content and access support from Founding Members and Trailblazers who have been where you are now. A safe place to interact, build connections, ask questions and share your moments of clarity.

Trailblazers: Clarity Quest September 2022 Graduation

Interactive Events and Experiences

Graduation celebrations, Trailblazing Tribe gatherings and VIP access to in person and online special events. Additional training and live chat sessions and bonus courses, offering extra knowledge, personal development, fun activities and interactive activities.

Ann English

On-Demand Access to The Clarity Quest Sessions

On-demand access to The Clarity Quest coaching lessons. Watch anytime, anywhere, because this is a marathon, not a sprint and life has a habit of getting in the way. Check in if you missed a lesson, or if you need to refresh your clarity and reconnect with your purpose. 

Exclusive Bonuses

As a special bonus for investing in The Clarity Quest programme you’ll also receive these additional items…

NOTE: These bonuses will only be available to those who purchase The Clarity Quest programme. They will be activated / sent to you at appropriate times during the 10-week Quest.

The Clarity Quest TEDx Talk Trailer

Take 14 minutes  to watch Ann’s full TEDx talk as she guides you on The Clarity Quest: a transformational journey on how to overcome negative self-talk which has been you back. This will change the way you think about ideas, prove how we are all creative, and give you the clue to discovering your unique superpower.

The Trailblazing Tribe transformations…

Sarah Seed Profile Image

Sarah Seed

Self Discovery Coach & Writer

“The Clarity Quest helped reignite some of my deepest dreams and helped me connect the dots to what I’m here to do and why it’s important to me”

Lesley Renwick Profile Image

Lesley Renwick

Educator & Entrepreneur

“It has been an inspiring, emotional, soul searching journey that finally helped me work out who I am and what I want to do to help others”

Catherine Tuckwell Profile image

Catherine Tuckwell

Brand Photographer

“I was able to join the dots, rediscover what I loved to do, and felt more comfortable about opening up as to what and who played a big part in my creative development. Ann has helped me by creating a roadmap of goals and dreams, opened up new ways for me to find out where my skills are and how to put them to use in my personal and professional life”

Noriko Mtsubara Profile Image

Noriko Matsubara

Artist & Author

“I’ve become more clear about who I am, and what I love. If you want to know your deepest desires and dreams and want to have a roadmap to achieve them, I highly recommend The Clarity Quest. The journey I have been on has been epic!”

Lauren McWilliams Profile image

Lauren McWilliams

Photographer & Visibility Coach

“My experience of The Clarity Quest has been nothing more than incredible! I’ve learned so much about myself, my business and have a good plan of where to go next. Highly recommend this fantastic programme to anyone who needs some clarity and a helping hand in mapping out their ideas, goals and dreams to ensure they happen”

Be part of  The Trailblazing Tribe

The Clarity Quest is your catalyst for change. Whilst it may be the spark you need to reignite your passion for your business, you will also need something or someone special to help you navigate life’s roadblocks and overcome challenges.

Your Tribe of Trailblazers will accompany you on your journey, through the different landscapes you’ll explore during your Quest. They will be there for you when you need them.  Along with heart-centred graduate ‘Questers’ who’ve already trodden the path to make way for your footsteps. Your team of cheerleaders, and newfound friends: because no-one else you know, will understand the depth and intensity of your transformation as you go through your Quest like this tribe does. This is your safe space to share, to shine, and just BE YOU. To realise you really are enough. Whatever hurdles you have to climb over. 

Time to breathe, gain clarity, discover your Superpower and step into the real, authentic YOU!

Trailblazers: Clarity Quest September 2022 Graduation

We’ll equip you with The Roadmap and Ideasbook…

_Slider - The Clarity Quest MAP

The Clarity Quest Roadmap shows the transformational journey we will go on together. Each week relate to the waypoints which form the chapters in your IdeasBook™ 

10-week Clarity Quest online coaching programme content…


Week 1 – Ideas

The World of Your Imagination

Clarify what is stopping you from moving forward and take impactful action 

What to do when you have a head full of ideas and where to start 

Understand the feelings and mindset holding you back to overcome them 


Week 2 – Creativity

Unlock Your Childlike Curiosity

Unlock your childlike curiosity to activate your imagination and create solutions

Discover your creative personality, super strengths and untapped potential 

Change the way you think about the ideas and build your Curiosity


Week 3 – Seeds

Nurture Your Ideas 

Learn how to nurture your ideas and stop them from dying too soon 

Focus on your dream future, work backwards to map out the steps 

Plant your VisualDoodle VisionTree™ and pack your Storytelling Suitcase™ 


Week 4 – Maps

Visually Communicate Your Ideas

Bridge the gap between the intangible world of imagination and tangible real world 

Think through your hands to clarify your vision and visually communicate to others 

Bring your ideas and dreams to life and transform from being a Dreamer into a Doer 


Week 5 – Passion

But… vs Because…

Determine what it is you really want to do and feel passionate about 

Conquer negative self-talk which kills ideas, destroys dreams and squashes visions 

Define and remove the roadblocks stopping you with strategies to gain momentum 


Week 6 – Purpose

How? vs Why?

Get crystal clear on your purpose and clarify your why 

Boost your self-belief to make your ideas fly and bring your dream to fruition 

Where to focus your time and energy to move forward with the most impact


Week 7 – People

How? vs Who?

Identify key skills, know-how and resources you are missing 

Visualise who you need to build your dream team Share your vision with others who can help 

Teamwork makes the Dream Work! 


Week 8 – Rejection

Overcome Self Doubt

Strategies to steer you when the going gets tough and you feel like giving up 

Master your mindset and destroy the Kryptonite which shuts down your superpower 

Develop an empowering Dynamite mantra to reframe, reflect and refocus attention 


Week 9 – Just

Welcome Admiration & Validation

Track the clues which reveal your secret superpower and value people see in you

Listen carefully to constructive feedback to evolve ideas and grow your business

Embrace your vulnerability to expand comfort your zones and face the fear of failure 


Week 10 – Superpower

The Universe of Creativity

Map the milestones on your trailblazing journey to tell your transformation story 

Step into your superpower, invest in your ideas, share your story and leave a legacy 

Celebrate completing The Clarity Quest™ and creating your VisualDoodle IdeasBook™ 

“If someone was undecided about joining The Clarity Quest I would say that the amount of confidence and action, inspiration and motivation I got from each of the activities has way outweighed the cost of the program at the beginning.”

Kat Sykes
AKA Mary Poppins of Business Change

Benefits you can gain from doing the Clarity Quest programme…

The clarity, confidence and conviction to articulate your value and vision.

  • Step into your Superpower
  • Uncover your passion, purpose and mission, so you know why you need to do what you were born to do
  • ​Create your personalised VisualDoodle IdeasBook™ full of your hopes, dreams and goals, with your unique roadmap of how to get there

Don’t let your dreams die inside of you or your ideas drift away… because the world needs them now more than ever!

An Invitation to You…

Overcome the negative self-talk which stands between you and your dreams because…

The value of your ideas rests in your ability to capture, nurture and bring them to life. 

 A phenomenal idea which remains in your mind is worth nothing.

 Your mind should be a place for generating ideas, not storing them.

 Your next level of self-development, abundance and income lives on the other side of your biggest fears.

✓  Equipped with the roadmap and tools to navigate roadblocks you can gain clarity, focus and direction to take impactful action to make your​ ideas a reality. 

Interested in joining The Clarity Quest – SUMMER24?

✓  Book a Discovery Call with Ann to see if The Clarity Quest programme is right for you.

✓  Join waitlist for the next Quest today!