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Innovative coaching method which moves ideas into action by visually communicating what you THINK.

The value of your ideas rests in your ability to capture, nurture and bring them to life. A phenomenal idea which remains in your mind is worth nothing. Your mind should be a place for generating ideas, not storing them…

What is VisionMapping™ Coaching?

VisionMapping™ coaching is an innovative method developed by Ann English that drives results. It combines mind mapping, coaching, and visual communication techniques to untangle your thoughts, connect ideas, and present them clearly.

Ann guides you with thought-provoking questions, helping you to explore your passion, purpose, vision, mission, values and message. Through this process your ideas come to life and Ann translates them into a VisionMap, clarifying thoughts and unlocking creative solutions.

During VisionMapping™ coaching sessions your ideas are ignited as you talk and breathe life into them. Ann captures, curates and categorises them, turning intangible ideas into a tangible one page visual business plan. Over multiple sessions, patterns emerge and the VisionMap can form a growth-oriented VisionTree™ or a brand-centric SignatureSystem™

VisionMapping™ helps if you are…

• Stuck in your head, overthinking and over analysing?

• Unsure where to focus your energy and effort?

• Overwhelmed with ideas, don’t know where to start?

• Unable to see big picture, caught up in the detail?

• Ready to make your dreams a reality and need a visual plan of action?

Mind Lightbulb VisualDoodle

Move ideas into action, whatever you desire, in life or business.

Dives deep to uncover your true purpose. Resulting is a one-page digital VisionMap of your ideas, concepts and frameworks, enabling you to:

  •  Visually communicate your ideas and vision.
  • Reflect back on it over time to track your progress.
  • Feel confident, inspired and driven to take action.
  • Overcome feeling stuck to bring ideas to life.
  • Organise thoughts, make sense of your thinking.
  • Feel empowered to launch or grow your business.
  • Focus your time and energy to achieve goals.
  • Gain clarity on ideas to communicate to others.

VisionMaps™ are ideal for visual learners and thinkers.

Perfect for Founders, Coaches, and Creative Entrepreneurs looking to visually communicate their ideas to grow their business with a VisionTree™ or build their brand with a bespoke SignatureSystem™

SignatureSystem VisualDoodle

Get ideas out of your head, onto paper and create a digital visual action plan, because a picture is worth a thousand words…

Capture Ideas, Concepts and Frameworks…

Want to explore how VisionMapping coaching can help you?

Benefits of VisionMapping™

VisionMapping benefits

Where will your VisionMap take you? 

With newfound focus and clarity during VisionMapping coaching sessions, you have two choices with the direction you take it. What would you like to achieve next?

Option 1: Grow Your Business with a VisionTree™


Clearly communicate your thoughts, hopes and dreams on a VisionTree which represents the DNA of your business…

Option 2: Build your brand with a SignatureSystem™


Transform your expertise into a branded SignatureSystem ™ using your VisionMap™ which Ann can shape it into a unique visual asset to help you share your knowledge and make a difference.

  • Are you a coach, consultant, trainer or course creator with your own way of doing things? 
  • Do you have expertise that can benefit others overcome issues or solve problems because you’ve been there, done that?
  • Transform your approach into a SignatureSystem™ that you can brand as your unique business process.

What you get with VisionMapping™ coaching…

Stage 1: Strategy Session

OFFER - VisionMapping Strategy Session First

1. Begin by booking a 2 hour VisionMapping Strategy Session with Ann on Zoom

2. In advance of the session you will be sent a FOCUS Questionnaire to complete

3. Ann will use this information to create a draft VisionMap ready for first your Strategy Session

4. During the Strategy Session Ann will use VisionMapping coaching techniques to ask questions and capture ideas visually. 

5. Within 5 days you will be sent your curated digital VisionMap which presents all the thoughts, ideas and concepts discussed clearly as a single image

Stage 2: Clarity Coaching Add-on Session

OFFER - VisionMapping Clarity Coaching Add-on

1. Follow up by booking 2 hour VisionMapping Clarity Coaching add-on with Ann on Zoom

2. Your VisionMap will be used as the foundation which will be expanded on during the add on sessions.

3. You can choose to develop your VisionMap into a Vision Tree if you are looking to grow your business, or to build a SignatureSystem.

4. During the Clarity Coaching Add-on Session Ann will use VisionMapping coaching techniques to ask further questions and capture ideas visually. 

5. Within 5 days you will be sent your updated curated digital VisionMap which will have evolved into a VisionTree on SignatureSystem

Note: The number of Add-on Sessions you require is dependent on how much information you have in your head and want presented. Usually clients require between 2-4 sessions to grow their VisionTree or build their SignatureSystem.

Unsure which option is best for you?

See FAQs below or book a FREE 30-minute 1:1 CLARITY CALL to discuss.

Vision Mapping FAQs

Is VisionMapping similar to mind mapping?

There are similarities, however Vision Mapping is a coaching method which is strategic and facilitated by a trained clarity coach. Ann will ask questions to get the ideas out of your head as she captures them on a VisionMap. 

What’s the difference between a VisionMapping and VisionMap? 

VisionMapping is the coaching method, whilst a VisionMap is the outcome and takeaway from the session. As the conversation flows during the coaching session, your ideas are made visible as Ann captures them on screen, then curates and categorises them to present   your thoughts, ideas and concepts as a single page digital VisionMap. 

What is the difference between VisionMapping Strategy Session and add-on Clarity Coaching Sessions?

You begin the VisionMapping process with a Strategy Session with Ann via Zoom to create the foundations of your VisionMap. Then you can book Add-on Clarity Coaching Sessions to expand your ideas and develop it into a VisionTree or SignatureSystem

What’s the difference between a VisionTree and SignatureSystem? 

The purpose of a VisionTree is focused on how to grow your business, whilst a SignatureSystem enables you to build your business.

VisionMapping™  Client Success Stories