Visual Merchandising 1-2-1 Masterclass

CASE STUDY 1: Powder Butterfly

The subtle changes have made such a huge difference!  Ann’s clear vision could help other designer makers, shop owners, or anyone who uses display to engage with their clients…”  

Corinne Lewis-Ward, founder of Powder Butterfly booked a Visual Merchandising 1-2-1 Masterclass to focus on improving her stall display. Corinne was struggling with how to best display the full range of products in a way that would attract customers and increase sales.

Before I arrived for the 3 hour training session Corinne had set up the table in the way she usually presents her contemporary products to customers at pop-up shops, craft fairs and markets. We began the Visual Merchandising 1-2-1 Masterclass training with a review of the display and consultation about the business, products, services and target audience.  This gave me a clear insight into the brand and what Corinne was looking to achieve.

As I changed the display in front of Corinne, I was able to apply my knowledge and explain the principles of Visual Merchandising to her. Whilst I moved the products around, I pointed out how to make improvements, and shared tips on how to create intrigue and engage with customers.

This personalised hands-on approach to training working with the actual products, was an effective way to show Corinne the difference Visual Merchandising can make.Within a very short timescale the display was transformed. Just by changing the layout of the objects and placing them in groups of three it made the display looked much cleaner. It was easier to focus on the quality of the products and creative design stood out.

Corinne gained new skills and confidence to re-create the display, which has since made an impact on customers and improved sales.

Can you spot the difference in these before and after photos…

Powder Butterfly - Before Visual Merchandising One-to-One Masterclass

Powder Butterfly Display – BEFORE Visual Merchandising 1-2-1 Masterclass

Powder Butterfly - After Visual Merchandising One-to-One Masterclass

Powder Butterfly Display – AFTER Visual Merchandising 1-2-1 Masterclass