Powder Butterfly

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British product design and retail company Powder Butterfly booked a 1:1 Visual Merchandising Masterclass to improve the look of their pop-up shop…”

Powder Butterfly’s iconic contemporary gifts are stocked in Fenwick department stores, but founder Corinne Lewis-Ward was struggling with how to best display the products and set out the stall of their pop up shop.

Product Designer & Retailer of Iconic Contemporary Gifts

We began the 1:1 Visual Merchandising Masterclass with an initial consultation about the business, products and target audiences. Corinne had set up the display before I arrived so I could gain an insight into how items had previously been presented. This showed me the brand styling Powder Butterfly had used in the past when they set out their stall at pop-up events such as craft fairs, trade shows and specialist markets.

During the 3 hour masterclass, I rearranged the display whilst explaining how to apply the principles of Visual Merchandising to add impact to the layout. By moving the products around I was able to show how subtle changes could make a huge difference. During the training session I pointed out ways to improve and develop the brand. I shared tips such as ‘always display the prices so the customer doesn’t have to ask’, and ‘less is more, clear space around products makes them look more precious’.

This hands on approach clearly demonstrated to Corinne the visual impact that could be achieved. It was easy to see how the overall effect could be improved by applying Visual Merchandising principles such as grouping objects by type, arranging items in threes, and stacking products in pyramid shapes.

Powder Butterfly | Before 1:1 Visual Merchandising Masterclass



Powder Butterfly | After 1:1 Visual Merchandising Masterclass

Within a very short timescale the display was transformed. Corinne gained new visual merchandising skills, along with the confidence to re-create the display.

This has since made a huge positive impact on attracting customers and increasing sales, leading to Powder Butterfly having their most successful year in business.


Working with Ann gave me a clear and sustainable method to merchandise my products. She has a simple but effective approach to making sense of a variety of sales environments.

Corinne Lewis-Ward, Founder & Creative Director, Powder Butterfly

The subtle changes have made such a huge difference!

Applying Ann’s strategy has increased sales and made it easier for my customers to find the products that they want to purchase.

Ann is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her services. Ann’s clear vision could help other designer makers, shop owners, or anyone who uses display to engage with their clients.”


Corinne Lewis-Ward, Founder and Creative Director – Powder Butterfly




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