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Impactful and accessible way to present your stories, journeys and insights by visually communicating what you SAY so you can share your vision, mission and message.

Commission an individually hand drawn VisualDoodle Roadmap, Image or Promo Video…

VisualDoodles are valuable visual assets, designed to effectively communicate the essence of your message in an accessible way. Clarify what you do on a single page. Summarise key points in a 1-minute time lapse promo video.

Commission Ann to illustrate your inspirational story, customer journey, or intriguing insights as a VisualDoodle which will enable you to…

  • Communicate your services and strategies that visually presents your client transformation from problem to solution.
  • Share key points with your audience in a way that connects with them and boosts engagement.
  • Create opportunities for interesting social media campaigns by sharing unusual graphics to create intrigue and cultivate curiosity.
  • Communicate your frameworks in simple, easy to understand images to showcase the transformation you provide from start to finish.
  • Feature your brand colours and logo to personalise your PROMO VisualDoodle™ for brand consistency and recognition

Visually transport your audience through an illustrated journey!

PROMO VisualDoodle Pack includes:

  • VisualDoodle B&W Imagedigital file, A4, Square or 16:9 proportion.

  • VisualDoodle COLOUR Image version incorporating brand colours.

  • VisualDoodle PROMO Video – 1 min time lapse animated video, and a call to action. Provided as digital mp4 file.

Proven to be engaging and versatile promotional assets. Incorporate VisualDoodles into your campaigns to visually communicate your message or metaphorically map out your customer journey and steps to show the impact you make.

Digital Media Assets – use your VisualDoodle on websites, social media, slide presentations, keynote slides, visual impact reports.

Printed Marketing Material Assets use your VisualDoodle on leaflets, banners, posters, leaflets, postcards, business cards, and giveaways. B&W images can be printed off and personalise by your customers colouring it in. Reinforce the message or learnings, doodle on during meetings and workshops, or provide as a mindfulness activity.

VisualDoodles are Memorable, Impactful and Accessible

It is widely believed two-thirds of the population predominantly see words through a series of pictures. So, if approximately 60-65% of the population think through visual processing, then it makes sense to connect and communicate your message with images in addition to words.

The VisualDoodle™ technique was developed by innovative Visual Communicator Ann English who ‘sees what you say’. Ann believes in the power of daydreaming and doodling. Making intangible ideas tangible by sketching them onto paper or capturing them onto screen. These ideas can then be shared visually to plant your idea in the mind of other people involved in your journey.

Working directly with Ann, you have an abundant array of VisualDoodle™ services and purposes to choose from:

  • Capture the essence of your story in a single illustrated page
  • Present your life changing golden nuggets of wisdom in a visual image
  • Summarise the content of your workshop or presentation in a detailed graphic representation
  • Demonstrate the steps in your process, technique or toolkit in a pictorial map of the journey
  • Commission a unique piece of artwork that represents you, your brand and your values to take pride of place on your wall.

A picture paints a thousand words, a VisualDoodle captures an abundance of ideas. How you breathe life into your valuable ideas determines success.

How VisualDoodles help you to connect, inspire and interact with your audience…

  • Attract the attention of your ideal clients with intriguing bespoke images
  • Say goodbye to boring presentation that are flat and static with lively moving images
  • Stand out on social media with visual content that is interactive, intriguing and unique
  • Inspire others to take action with one-page visual reminders of your inspirational insights
  • Choose from a one-page overview to a one-minute REVEAL video to excite your audiences. 
VisualDoodle Screens

VisualDoodles™ offer solutions for every area of your business. Each one designed to fit your brand, products and services.

1 The VisualDoodle Collection
2 Promo VisualDoodle

PROMO VisualDoodle™

Summarise your message via a one-minute animated video to use on social media, website, and at live or virtual events.

3 VisualDoodle Rpadmap

VisualDoodle™ ROADMAP

Illustrate your client’s transformation from problem to solution.

6. VisualDoodle IdeasBook

VisualDoodle™ IDEASBOOK

Combine VisualDoodles™ images, icons, roadmaps and frameworks into a bespoke resource material or interactive courses, masterclasses and programmes

4. Impact VisualDooodle

IMPACT VisualDoodle™

Share words of wisdom, inspiration, ideas, quotes and memes.

5.Live VisualDoodle

LIVE VisualDoodle™

Capture a story live as it is being told.

7.VisualDoodle Frameworks

VisualDoodle™ FRAMEWORKS

Give your delegates something different with bespoke worksheets to doodle their own ideas, capture information and sketch their own solutions.

8. VisualDoodle Art


Signed limited edition Canvas and Poster prints of your very own VisualDoodles™ shipped directly to your home, workplace or anywhere in the world.

All VisualDoodles are individually hand drawn…

PROMO VisualDoodle™ Videos will…

  • Attract attention, create intrigue and engage viewers with a one-minute animated video to summarize your message and transport your audience through your story or journey.
  • Make an impact quickly with a one-minute time-lapse PROMO VisualDoodle™ video.
  • Communicate your strategies effectively through stunning visual graphics and your unique soundtrack.
  • Feature on your website, use during live or virtual events for an alternative introduction to your brand or summary of your message and key points.
  • Utilise on social media to provide an innovative style of animated video content.

Do you want to chat with Ann about commissioning a VisualDoodle?