“Everything starts with an idea, and an idea can change everything.
I stop ideas from dying by capturing them in a VisualDoodle™…”

– Ann English

The VisualDoodle Collection

LIVE VisualDoodle™ – captures a story live as it is being told

PROMO VisualDoodle™ – captures your customer journey from problem to solution.

INSTA VisualDoodle™ – a pre-sized image for social media use.

IMPACT VisualDoodle™ – shares words of wisdom, inspirational ideas and quotes

VisualDoodle™ TOOLKIT – combines VisualDoodles for use in courses, masterclasses, talks.

VisualDoodle™ TEMPLATES – space for workshop delegates to doodle their ideas.

VisualDoodle™ ART – signed limited edition VisualDoodle Canvas and Poster prints shipped directly to your home, anywhere in the world.

Let me show you what they look like…

  • VisualDoodle Cover
  • LIVE VisualDoodle 1
  • LIVE VisualDoodle - World Summit
  • REVEAL VisualDoodle - Brene Brown
  • REVEAL VisualDoodle - Connected Coaching NE
  • REVEAL VisualDoodle - Presentation Genius
  • REVEAL VisualDoodle - Rise
  • PROMO VisualDoodle - Podcast
  • IMPACT VisualDoodle - 1
  • IMPACT VisualDoodle - 2
  • INSTA VisualDoodle - 1
  • VisualDoodle TOOLKIT - 1
  • VisualDoodle TOOLKIT - 3
  • SUPERPOWER VisualDoodle - 1
  • SUPERPOWER VisualDoodle - 2
  • SUPERPOWER VisualDoodle - 4
  • VisualDoodle ART- Posters
  • VisualDoodle ART - Canvas 1
  • V.I.P Superpower Hour - Cover
  • V.I.P Superpower Hour - Process 2
  • V.I.P Superpower Hour - Sarah 1
  • V.I.P Superpower Hour - Ella
  • V.I.P Superpower Hour - Helen
  • Document- Back

SUPERPOWER VisualDoodles™

VisualDoodle™ ART Posters

Signed Limited Edition POSTER

Example: ‘Dare to Lead Intro’

Signed by VisualDoodle™ artist Ann English.

Poster Limited Edition of 100 with Certificate of Authenticity.

Fine Art inkjet printed on heavy weight matt paper

With high tear resistance. Sizes A1, A2 & A3. Shipped rolled in a cardboard pyramid tube.

VisualDoodle POSTER Sizes
A1 =  23.4 x 33.1 in (594 x 841 mm)
A2 = 16.5 x 23.4 in (420 x 594 mm)
A3 = 11.7” x 16.5” (297 x 420 mm)

V.I.P Superpower Hour™

The V.I.P* Superpower Hour™ Process


FOCUS Questionnaire – Decide what you’d like to focus on. Complete the questionnaire digitally prior to your coaching session for Ann to do background research and create the outline of your VisualDoodle™ Ideas Plan.


V.I.P Superpower Hour Coaching Session™ – 1:1 focused coaching session. Discuss your vision and challenges you are facing. Exploring creative solutions to gain clarity and direction.


V.I.P VisualDoodle™ – During the session ideas discussed and creative solutions provided will be captured on your hand-drawn VisualDoodle Ideas Plan (VIP)™. Afterwards a tidied up version will be sent to you as a downloadable digital document to be saved and printed off.


IMPACT Questionnaire – Sent digitally after the coaching session to document the impact of the coaching session and encourage you to take action to transform your ideas into reality.

V.I.P* Superpower Hour™ Testimonials

“I was very impressed with how Ann had done her research on my business beforehand. She saw things in my business that are very special, which I thought I was conveying but to the customer isn’t under the spotlight.

Ann highlighted and gave me the confidence to shout about the added benefits I bring to my customers. She has given me the belief I’m good on video and don’t need it to be all singing and dancing professional, so I can get on and do more. I found it incredibly helpful.

We are so engrossed in what we do and getting stuff done, we don’t step back to look at it and shout out about how good we are from a customers focus.

The VisualDoodle is much easier to digest and refer back to than a page of notes. I will definitely be printing it out to put on my office wall and one in my diary.

Love the suggestion from Ann to personalise it by colouring in my plan of action!”

Founder of Altruis Living and Pass It On Packaging | Wellbeing Expert | Holistic Therapist

V.I.P* Superpower Hour™ Book NOW

Find a time that suits both of us. You will be asked some questions to help you prepare and to ensure that we have the best discussion.
Payment is due upon booking.

Book today for:

  • 100% Virtual VIP Experience
  • ✓A one-to-one VIP coaching session will take place remotely via Zoom
  • ✓ You will need to complete some pre-appointment questions and post-appointment questions via SurveyMonkey.
  • ✓ Your VisualDoodle™ Ideas Plan will be sent digitally as a .jpeg and .pdf file for you to download, use as a screensaver or print off, keep it visible to take action.
  • You will also have the option to purchase a signed A3 or A2 Print or Canvas of your original VisualDoodle, shipped anywhere in the world.