Ann English #TheVisualCommunicator presents…

The VisualDoodle™ Collection

LIVE VisualDoodle™

For Speakers, Hosts, and Organisers of live and virtual events:

Become unforgettable and leave a lasting impact by equipping attendees with a visual summary of key points:

  • Inspire your delegates to put away their notebooks and gift them something they’ll want to use as a visual reminder of the event.
  • Key points, wisdom and insights shared by thought leaders, captured on a one page action plan. 
  • Retrace and remember the speaker’s story by following the dotted line from the central impact bubble.
  • Delegates can personalise and colour it in to highlight words, reinforce learning, and spark new ideas.
  • Ask event attendees to share online to boost engagement for your event.

Whether you are a Speaker at an event, or a Delegate attending one, remember it with a LIVE VisualDoodle™

PROMO VisualDoodle™

For Business Owners, Marketing Professionals, Content and Course Creators… 

Communicate your services and strategies using a PROMO VisualDoodle™ to visually present your client transformation from problem to solution:

  • Share key points with your audience in a way that connects with them and boosts engagement.
  • Create interesting social media campaigns by sharing unusual graphics which create intrigue and cultivate curiosity.
  • Communicate your frameworks in simple, easy to understand images to showcase the transformation you provide from start to finish.
  • Personalise your PROMO VisualDoodle™ by adding your brand colours and logo.

Whether you are creating content or thinking of ways to share it, stand out with a PROMO VisualDoodle™

VisualDoodle™ ART

For appreciators of visual communication, VisualDoodle™ fans and colouring enthusiasts…

Own a limited edition high-quality VisualDoodle™ ART:

  • Signed, limited edition VisualDoodle™ Canvas and Poster prints. 
  • Sharing stories, inspirational quotes and frameworks
  • Shipped directly to your home or workplace, anywhere in the world. 

Your ART VisualDoodle™ can help you stay focussed on your learning, and provide a visual action map


(*VisualDoodle – Ideas – Plan)

For Changemakers, Thought Leaders and Dreamers who want to transform into Doers and make an impact on the world…

Book your V.I.P SUPERPOWER VisualDoodle™

  • Go from being stuck and unclear on your goals to finding actionable steps to create your dream life.
  • This is a one-hour coaching session where you will share your thoughts and dreams, and discover your purpose and SUPERPOWER.
  • Within 3 working days of completing the session you’ll receive a one of a kind, tailored to you, SUPERPOWER VisualDoodle™ which will help you to move forward.
  • Stick this VisualDoodle™ on your wall to keep you focussed.
  • You have the opportunity to order a high-equality, printed ARTVisualDoodle™ Canvas as a keepsake of your session. 


  • 60 minute individual coaching session with Ann English #TheVisualCommunicator       
  • An electronic copy of your SUPERPOWER VisualDoodle™ as a graphic                     
  • BONUS: Access to a Masterclass and worksheet to help you tap into your SUPERPOWER.                     

Your SUPERPOWER VisualDoodle™ can help you identify what makes you special, and how you can use this to reach your goals.