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Visual Marketing Academy™ 

Learn how to professionally present your Brand, Products and Services by visually communicating what you DO so you can attract customers and increase sales.

When you present your business in a way that is visually appealing it creates intrigue…

The Visual Marketing Academy shows how to inspire and engage with your target audience. When items are presented using Visual Marketing principles it captures attention of people who would otherwise walk straight past in-person or scroll past online.

Great design, display and visual marketing motivates people to make a purchase.

What is VisualMarketing™ Training?

You may not have come across the term ‘Visual Marketing’ before because it is a hybrid strategy Ann English has developed and successfully taught this to SME’s and creative entrepreneurs. 

Ann shares 30+ years experience in design, display, visual merchandising, marketing, business management and as a Fellow of British Display Society.

Merging proven techniques and know-how gathered from working with big brands, growing small businesses and creating world-class experiential displays.

Let’s begin with a definition…

Visual Marketing (VM) is:

  1. The activities your business undertakes to professionally present and promote your brand, products, services and story using visual communication techniques.
  2. VM applies to both in-person and on-line experiences,
  3. The purpose is to create intrigue and attract the attention of your target audience which leads to increase sales.

Based on traditional Visual Merchandising skills critical to make your business stand out. If you have a product, service or experience to sell, you are in effect a shopkeeper. Whilst you may not have a physical shop window, you will have a virtual window which is how your customer’s view what you do. 


Whatever you do, you need to promote, present and persuade someone to buy it.

Decisions are influenced by how you visually communicate what you do, along with the unique value you bring, and the problems you solve. 

Visual Marketing is an essential business skill everyone can learn. It can make the difference between being noticed and chosen; or overlooked and ignored. 

Every business can benefit by applying the secret Visual Marketing strategies big brands use to boost sales, without their big budgets.

Purpose of Visual Marketing

Learn tips, tools and techniques to increase the ‘know, like and trust’ factor.

Visual Marketing Mastery shares ideas you can immediately apply, at little or no cost. Create eye-catching displays, make memorable images and communicate your message both in the real and digital worlds. 

Evoke a positive emotional response and inspire people to engage with what you do.

Impactful visual marketing results in people thinking about you as the solution to their problem, needs and wants. 

Visual Marketing Mastery 

The Visual Marketing Academy offer training solutions for different aspects of your business. Designed to focus on specific areas, provide insights, inspire ideas and enhance your marketing skills: 

1. Standards Circle Icon

THE FIVE STAR STANDARD™ – Visual Marketing standards and principles every business needs to know and use.

2. Standout Circle Icon

THE POWER OF THREE PROCESS™ standout by utilising the theory of three and incorporate this in your marketing material.

3. Senses Circle

THE SECRET SENSE STRATEGY™ sensory branding and marketing to add an interactive and emotional connection. 

4. Story Circle icon

THE BRAND STORYTELLING S.Y.S.T.E.M™ – Tell your business story, develop brand guidelines, and map the customer journey.

5. Service Circle Icon

THE V.I.P EXPERIENCE™ add value and create a memorable experience with exceptional customer service.

6. Show Circle Icon

THE POP-UP SOLUTION™ showcase your services, present your products and position your brand in the right marketplace. 

7. Share Circle Icon

THE SOCIAL SHARING SNAPSHOT™ research the market, generate ideas and share your vision through social media.

8. Sell Circle icon

THE W.O.W FACTOR FORMULA™ – why people buy, getting your message and price just right to inspire five-star reviews.


TIME TO SHINE™ – masterclass experts to help you shine in specialist areas including confidence, e-commerce and inclusion.

Secret Sense Strategy
Visual Marketing - Pop-Up Shop Solution
Visual Marketing - Brand Storytelling Strategy
Visual Marketing - 5 Star Standards

Transform your designs and displays with The Visual Marketing Academy…

Would you like personal help with your Visual Marketing?

Ask Ann Anything is a 60 minute solution-focused diagnostic session. This impactful 1:1 Power-Hour consultation is focused on whatever you need specific help with and takes place online via Zoom. Would you like advice on your display, pop-up shop or stand design? Book your session today…

Visual Marketing is a form of aesthetic science. It is a silent sales technique that attracts attention and generates sales…

Research carried out into what is visually appealing along with insights into why people buy has resulted in the formation of VM rules and principles. By following this ‘best practice’ the outcome is to generate maximum interest. The same VM rules and principles can be applied to all products, displayed in any situation. In retail environments, VM includes the shop windows, interior displays, merchandising of the stock, promotional signs and graphics.

VM also relates to objects displayed in pop-up shops, on stall holder’s tables at markets, on exhibition stands at trade fairs. When you take photographs for use on websites, social media, and e-commerce, VM rules and guidelines make them more visually appealing. These situations are all in effect substitute ‘shop windows’.

If you’d like to merchandise your brand, products and services effectively, The Visual Marketing Academy offers a range of services and training packages designed to suit your needs, level of skill, and budget…

Square Visual Marketing Academy

Book Discovery Call with Ann to discuss your Visual Marketing training needs which can be delivered in-person or online. Choose from 1:1 Ask Ann Anything Power-Hour, consultancy, masterclasses, group workshops, online courses, specialist talks, or podcast guest appearance. Focused on any topic and area of Visual Marketing Mastery expertise.